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2018 Dates
       April 27-29
   May 25-27  No BuLL
  July 13-15  IBRA Preferred
  October 12-14
 November 16-18

Entry forms on Diamond 7's facebook!
Diamond 7 Ranch & Arena Trailer and Saddle Series
At Diamond 7 Ranch & Arena we are putting on a barrel racing series again for 2018. 
 We have exciting changes this year from NEW STALLS and awards are extended from the Open 4D to now include Pee-Wee, Youth, Masters and Adult awards!
 We are giving away a TRAILER - TO KEEP, doesn't matter if you're fast or slow you have a chance to win it!  Open awards include saddles that will be awarded to the year-end high point winners in all four divisions of the Open class. The other awards include; breast collars, jackets, halters and more!  

***Open to everyone, no extra fees or shows required to win awards!***   Details below
Entry forms posted on Diamond 7 facebook before each show

Diamond 7 Arena
36 Deardorff Road
Dillsburg, PA. 17019
Pre-enter & reserve stalls ahead of time
Rules & Information
Year-end awards for the Open class will be given to Top 5 places in all four divisions of the Open class
If there is a tie for any places, the rider that attended the most shows will win the tie, if still a tie then the rider that received the points with most entries in the class will win that place.
Open awards will be determined by most points for the horse & rider combination, points go to 10 places in each division at every show. Example; 1st in any division gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9 points and so on.
To be entered to win the trailer you must enter the Open class at 10 of the 15 shows (5 three day shows = 15)
Open division winners and 2nd place (1D-4D) each day will be given a ticket to go into the  drawing for the trailer
Awards will be given out Sunday November 18, must be present to win trailer & saddles.
​No extra fee necessary to win the trailer or awards
​Congratulations to Wendy Palmer the 2014 Trailer winner!

Also congrats to the top 5 and division winners!
1D - Melinda Buterbaugh
2D - Russell Lauzon
3D - Beth McKee
4D - Kylee Myers
Congratulations to Lee Comly the 2015 Trailer winner!

Also congratulations to 2015 division/saddle winners

1D - Lee Comly
2D - Kelly Llewellyn
3D - Gay Yorlets
4D - Malanda Cambra
​Congratulations to Shannon Sartin the 2016 Trailer winner!

Also congrats to the top 5 and division winners!

1D - Quinn Labriola
2D - Kelly Llewellyn
3D - Tammie Fisher
4D - Kylee Myers
Congratulations to Tanya Konopinski the 2017 Trailer winner! 
Congrats also to.. 
1D - Vicki Siesky
2D - Patty Waibel
        3D - Wanda Richmond
4D - Levi Leach